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Patrick Crawford


Patrick Crawford

“Patrick Crawford knew from childhood he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it was a near-death experience on a climbing trip to Nepal in 2010 that gave him renewed perspective and resolve. Struck down by potentially fatal altitude sickness, he bought a donkey to rescue him when weather made a helicopter evacuation impossible. Now, when Spire Aerobotics—the drone and data-analytics company he started in 2014 with partner Mike Wilcox while studying engineering at UBC—runs into challenges, Crawford says he looks back and thinks, “As long as my heart is beating and my brain is intact, everything is OK.” Spire is focused on helping large forestry companies achieve greater efficiency, and while revenues have quickly soared, Crawford says his primary goal is to build great relationships and to advance technologically.” – BCBusiness Magazine 

Patrick is the Assistant Program Director of SHAD UBC, is an SOI 2008 Arctic alumnus, SOI 2015 Arctic Education team alumnus, and is an avid skier. Patrick uses drone technology to help capture the amazing sights and moments of SOI expeditions. 

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