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Olle Carlsson

Polar Naturalist & Historian

Olle Carlsson

Born and raised in Sweden, Olle Carlsson was formerly a school teacher and professional jazz musician before embarking on a life of polar adventure, writing, photography, and education. For over twenty years Olle has been sharing the migration route of the Arctic tern – Arctic adventures in the summer, and Antarctic adventures in the winter.

His fascination in the Polar world is grounded on the integrity and beauty of these remote places, as well as the astounding adaptations for survival under harsh conditions that the wildlife has suffered. Our need for places largely unaffected by humans will not decrease, and it goes without saying that they promote a deep engagement in environmental questions.

With his colleague, Stefan Lungren, Olle has co-authored several books about the Poles, including the award-winningAntarctica – In the Interest of All Mankind and the popularAntarctica – A Souvenir Book for the 7th Continent. Olle lives in Sweden and still practices Jazz!

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