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Mary-Elizabeth Stubbings


Mary-Elizabeth Stubbings

Hi my name is Mary-Elizabeth Stubbings and I am thrilled with the opportunity to travel to the Arctic with Students on Ice!  I am from Toronto, a mother of two and work currently as an Elementary School Principal.  I will be joining the group as a Chaperone working together with the staff in helping to keep the students safe and well supervised.   I look forward to meeting and getting to know the many students, staff and other Chaperones taking part in this adventure.  I am thrilled to explore the arctic environment with everyone as well as my daughter who is a participant as well.  I am also excited to discover how each student may choose to use the information learned on this trip to possibly give back to the global community.  Exploring, observing, conversing and enjoying this experience together should prove to be unforgettable!  See you soon

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