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Marie Bernard

Expedition Physician

Marie Bernard

Born in Montreal city, work as a general practitioner brought me to the mountains and rivers of Gaspésie where I stayed for 6 years. Afterwards, doing locums, I had the chance to visit many Inuit communities in northern Quebec. Life in Nunavik seduced me and I then settled in Kuujjuaq, where I have been for the past 3 years. Working in a remote environment, my practice is diverse and challenging. It includes emergency medicine, airborne medical evacuations and ward patients. A particular interest in working with youth brought me to enroll as school medic and in different pediatric clinics. On a daily basis, I am a dedicated adventurer and a nature lover! Camping, backcountry skiing, yoga, canoeing and ski-joering with my two dogs are things that I just cannot get enough of.  I also love traveling, meeting new people and learning new languages.

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