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Lisa Pirie-Dominix

Section Head - Protected Areas and Habitat for the Canadian Wildlife Service, Northern Region

Lisa Pirie-Dominix

I was raised in Yellowknife, NWT, where we lived outside of town with no electricity or running water. I still think those are the best days of my life. I have a double major in Biology and Environmental Studies (University of Victoria) and a Masters in Biology (Carleton University). I’ve been working for the Canadian Wildlife Service for 10 years. I began working in Yellowknife as a Shorebird Technician but accepted a permanent position as a Species at Risk Biologist in Iqaluit, 7 years ago. While I no longer study shorebirds, I still participate in shorebird field work each summer. Aside from field work, my favourite part of my job is working with the communities of Nunavut. I am the co-chair of two co-management committees that manage Canadian Wildlife Service protected areas in Nunavut which allows me to visit Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord several times throughout the year.

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