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Justin Dearing

Manager, Education & Alumni Programs

Justin Dearing

Justin was born in Kamloops, BC, grew up in many different communities across Canada, and has just moved to the beautiful Chelsea region of Quebec on his newest adventure with his wife and super-hero son. Having been to both poles in 2013 as an educator with SOI, he is super excited to join the team full-time!

Justin has completed his coursework towards his Masters in Coastal Zone Management, holds a graduate diploma in Integrated Coastal and Oceans Management, as well as a B. Sc. in Biology and Religious Studies. Justin has helped inspire thousands of youth to take a leadership role in changing their world through the realization that ONE person makes ALL the difference. He has spent the past 12 years working with youth, schools, communities, NGO’s, governments, and international organizations on environmental issues and policies, empowerment and engagement activities, and the ongoing effort to inspire change. In 2013, Justin was awarded the NL Environmental Award – Individual Category for excellence in environmental leadership; in 2011 he was named a Waste Reduction Hero for leading 1,000+ volunteers as they removed over 20,000 lbs of debris from more than 100 beaches; and in 2010 he was chosen as one of Atlantic Canada’s top 40 Emerging Leaders from a pool of over 400 nominees.

To Justin, the bottom line is that the depth of our challenges directly relates to the quality of our opportunities and he is committed to helping youth and communities see those opportunities realized. His personal mantra, “Waiting to make a difference, is the one thing that guarantees you never will”, motivates him to BE the change instead of WAITING for change.

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