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Heather Dewar

Ecologist & Conservation Biologist

Heather Dewar

Heather is a conservation biologist and has worked for the Federal Government for 20 years. At Environment Canada her work focused on forest birds and species at risk.  With Statistics Canada she focused on communicating current environmental issues supported by data analysis. Currently she has the good fortune to be part of a team at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development designing the Canadian High Arctic Research Station. She is excited that the science and technology program is being phased in, and that construction work will start this summer in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

Heather lives in Ottawa and has two awesome sons, aged 20 and 17. She is an avid cyclist and plays a variety of sports, especially soccer and ball hockey. She likes to read, do yoga, take long walks/hikes and has recently taken up knitting. As an environmentalist Heather believes we should try to “step lightly” on the earth. Heather dedicates her volunteer time towards alleviating homelessness and is active locally on a number of initiatives. Heather volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Ottawa on the local family partnering committee and participated on a build in Iqaluit during the summer of 2013.

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