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Glenn Poirier

Geologist-Electron Microscopist

Glenn Poirier

My passion is learning how the world around me works! I’ve never wanted to specialize in anything because it’s all so interesting! In that regard I’ve been incredibly lucky in my education and career. I have a masters degree in geology based on the study of ancient plate tectonics in Norther Quebec. While working at McGill I taught introductory courses in planetary science and developed a great interest in meteorites and all things astronomical. For the past 25 years I’ve worked on a huge range of research projects in the fields of earth science research, material sciences, mineral resources and meteoritics. Since joining the Canadian Museum of Nature in 2006 I’ve done fieldwork in Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut (Baffin Island), Arizona Virginia, Norway, Thailand and Cambodia. The purpose of all this travel has always been ostensibly about rocks but I always make sure to take time for plants and bugs!

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