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Genevieve Killulark

Mental Health Counsellor

Genevieve Killulark

Genevieve (Akilak) is from Baker Lake, NU, and now resides in Saskatoon, SK. She participates in Students on Ice expeditions in the role of Mental Health Counsellor.

Genevieve has worked with the student population for 10 years, and looks forward to working with the population for several more. She has a passion for mental health and well-being, education, and culture. What she loves about Students on Ice is that she can combine her passions with adventure, the outdoors, and meeting motivated students.

Although Genevieve loves summer fishing, she especially loves spring ice-fishing around her hometown of Baker Lake. She explains that there is nothing quite like the excitement of fishing on the ice in the sunlight, surrounded by family, friends, and the sound of migrating geese.

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