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Amelia Trachsel

Civil Engineer

Amelia Trachsel

I am a registered Professional Civil Engineer in British Columbia with experience in the resource extraction and municipal engineering sectors and have worked in multiple provinces and territories. I have a deep appreciation for Canada’s North and spent time living in (and working north of) Fort St. John, BC as a consultant. During university, I worked on a number of sustainability/environmental and capacity-building projects and I currently reside in Coquitlam, BC. I am working on a startup that traces individual and industrial carbon footprints using ‘big data’.

I am passionate about sustainability, ecology, evidence-based policy development, and understanding the influence of the built environment on society. I have achieved a Sustainability Management Certificate at UBC and completed the Global Environment Policy Program offered by UNEP and the University of Geneva. I believe in life-long learning and am a Global MBA candidate at Instituto de Empresa. I am excited to be participating in Students on Ice!

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