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Students on Ice (SOI) was established in 2000 with the mandate to educate the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions, to support their continued growth and to inspire initiatives that contribute to global sustainability. The SOI Foundation is internationally recognized as a pioneer and leader in Polar Education. Since inception SOI has taken over 2500 students and staff on its Award-winning educational expeditions to the Polar Regions.

Award-winning educational expeditions to the Polar Regions

The Foundation’s core program is educational youth expeditions to the Polar Regions. For the past 15 years, Students on Ice has taken over 2,500 students, scientists, educators, elders, artists, musicians, historians and business leaders to the Arctic and Antarctic. SOI is globally recognized as the world’s pioneer in educational youth expeditions and leader in Polar Education and has received a number of key awards in support of the unique nature and success of its programs:

The Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion, which honours outstanding contributions to the promotion of science, through activities encouraging popular interest in science or developing science abilities.
The Explorers Club – 2007 Citation of Merit, which recognizes outstanding work to promote the spirit of exploration, a key founding principle of the Explorers Club a century ago.
The Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the US Congress, which acknowledges outstanding and invaluable service to youth and education.

SOI’s expeditions are a transformative “first step” in a life-long journey of learning and discovery. To support our alumni post-expedition as well as the people, land and biodiversity of the Polar Regions, the SOI Foundation has developed several key programs including:

Alumni Program

SOI’s Alumni Program supports SOI Alumni through facilitating connections between alumni and between alumni and mentors; by providing personal support for Alumni-led initiatives; by distributing information about opportunities for further education and personal growth; and by connecting alumni to SOI’s network of partners and supporters.

Visit our Alumni Stories to learn more about our global team of alumni and how they are making a difference on a local and global scale.

Scholarship Program

The SOI Foundation is dedicated to making its programs accessible to all high school and university students regardless of their socio-economic, cultural and geographic backgrounds. Thanks to generous donations by SOI Foundation’s public and private partners, sponsors and supporters, the Foundation has been able to offer full scholarships to more than 80% of students on SOI’s recent Arctic Expeditions.

Learn more about this important program or about scholarship opportunities available to you.

Arctic Youth and Partnerships Program

The SOI Foundation has a strong focus on building relationships and partnerships with youth, communities and organizations in the Arctic. Annually over 30% of the participants in SOI’s programs calls the Arctic home. To ensure that the Foundation’s programs are aligned with the needs of Arctic youth and other Arctic stakeholders, the Foundation has launched its Arctic Youth and Partnerships Program.

SOI Foundation Team

SOI is led by Geoff Green, who founded Students on Ice in 2000. Geoff  has received several prestigious awards for his work with SOI, including  an appointment to the Order of Canada, an honorary Doctorate in Education from Nipissing University and a Transformational Canadian award. The SOI team consists of ten full-time staff members who support the expeditions as well as SOI’s ongoing projects and programs. Visit the Team page to learn more about our talented and diverse team.


SOI boasts a global network of expert scientists, educators, elders, artists, musicians, historians, journalists, industry leaders and more! These world-class experts make up SOI’s Education Team. During expedition they engage with youth from around the world through an educational journey in the Arctic and Antarctic, connecting with the Polar Regions in hands-on, cross-disciplinary learning – an experience we refer to as The Greatest Classrooms on Earth. Following expedition, SOI’s Education Team continues to benefit alumni through project and mentorship support. Visit the Education Team page to learn more about our Educators.

Board of Advisors

SOI’s expeditions, projects and outreach initiatives would not be possible without the visionary leaders who make up the SOI Foundation’s Board of Advisors, led by Honorary Chair HSH Prince Albert II. The BoA assists the Foundation with strategic guidance and high level representation.


Partnerships are key to the work of the SOI Foundation. The Foundation collaborates with a broad network of Canadian and international partners to build its scholarships program, develop and maintain a world-class roster of educators and engage in a broad range of outreach initiatives, programs and projects.

Learn how you can join SOI as a student, educator, partner or supporter! Be a part of the journey!

Alumni Stories

SOI Expeditions are just the first step in a life-long journey of discovery. Learn more about our global community of talented and diverse alumni.

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Project Successes

The SOI Foundation inspires, supports and catalyses projects and initiatives that benefit the Polar Regions. Check out some of the Foundation’s projects!

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Your support to the SOI Foundation provides youth from around the world with life changing opportunities and the resources to become leaders and global citizens.

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