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2019 Arctic Expedition: Saavittut Day 1

Today launches the beginning of the 2019 Arctic Expedition Saavittut program, a 3-day cultural and educational program for Inuit youth participating in this year’s Students on Ice Arctic expedition.

Led by staff at Ottawa’s Nunavut Sivuniksavut and supported by Inuit staff joining the Students on Ice expedition, youth will connect with fellow Inuit youth from across Inuit Nunangat and Greenland.

In Inuktut, Saavittut means “taking off from the shore”, and this program will engage staff and students in connecting with one another and learning about themes shared across all Inuit regions such as language, housing, geography, music, and sense of home.

Saavittut will take place between July 21-23, 2019 and will help to inspire and empower northern youth in learning more about their own history and culture, and given the tools to share this with youth participants from all over the world. We look forward to sharing their journey with you!

In the meantime, see below for last night’s icebreakers as youth from across the North came together to connect and get to know one another. Stay tuned for updates throughout Saavittut on this website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Evening Update:

The first day of the Saavittut program was filled with many workshops, icebreakers, country food and great performances.

The students spent their afternoon at Nunavut Sivuniksavut rotating between a language through music workshop and many Inuit Games such as the high kick, arm pull, airplane and much more! This was an opportunity for students to share their favourite games with one another and showcase their skills.

In the evening the students made their way to All Saints Chapel for a community event with country food, an amazing rap performance by William Komaksiutiksa, co-founder of the Ottawa-based Strong Minded Inuit. A few of our SOI students also got up on stage to show off their amazing talents!

We would like to thank the Right to Play team for the incredible evening and Baffinland Iron Mines for sponsoring the Saavittut program this year!

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