SOI Educator Diz Glithero in the news


There is a great article about Lisa ‘Diz’ Glithero in this month’s edition of Canadian Living magazine. In case you haven’t been on a Students on Ice expedition before, Diz is our inspirational Education Director and founder of the EYES Project.

Here is the article…

Lisa (Diz) Glithero wants kids to be as excited about the environment as she is – and she is pretty pumped. Diz, 32, wears two hats: professor of education at the University of Ottawa and founder of the award-winning EYES project (education, youth, environment and sustainability), which she founded in 2004 in Chesea, Que. The EYES team runs conferences for teachers across Canada to discuss lesson plans for teaching kids about the environment and provides speakers to raise public awareness about the need for environmental education.

During her undergraduate studies in kinesiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Diz was torn between becoming a doctor and a teacher. The decision was made for her while travelling through Nepal. She was playing a game rock ball with the local kids when the schoolmaster offered her lodging and job teaching English. “The experience blew my world wide open. I looked back on Western society and realized we had to create a large, systematic change.” Teacher’s college and founding EYES followed suit. She has since been honoured with a Woman of the Year award for conducting a program that benefits nature and humanity.

With a personality that’s part Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus books, Diz has helped organize and participate in seven expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic with Students on Ice, an educational organization founded by her partner, Geoff Green. The students benefit from a firsthand view of the effects of environmental threats, such as climate change.”

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