SOI’s Caitlyn Baikie on Government of Canada led Arctic Mission to Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo

SOI’s Arctic Youth & Partnerships Manager Caitlyn Baikie is presenting on the effects of climate change in Canada’s North as part of a multi-mission Arctic advocacy initiative organized by Global Affairs Canada. Her presentation provides a first-hand account of how climate change is affecting the traditional ways of life and culture of Indigenous communities in the North. She will also discuss how Indigenous people may contribute to the development of better-informed policy responses to the key drivers of change, notably through sharing their traditional and scientific knowledge. She will conclude her presentation by discussing how educating youth about the challenges facing the Arctic may inspire young people to become ambassadors of change in their respective regions.

The Arctic mission is taking place November 6-16, 2017  in Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo and includes a variety of presentations and panel discussions by Arctic experts including professor and Arctic scientist Dr. John England, Chair of the Arctic Council Aleksi Härkönen, Counsellor Mattias Chu of the Embassy of Sweden, Anna Huovila of the Embassy of Finland, Dorte Mikkelsen of the Embassy of Denmark, and Canada’s Senior Arctic Official Alison LeClaire.

Updates following the events in each city will be posted below.

Seoul, Korea

Arctic panel discussion at the Embassy of Canada in Seoul


Art exhibit at Embassy of Canada in Seoul


Screening of the film, Angry Inuk



On November 9, the High Commission of Canada and Finland hosted speakers at The National Museum of Singapore to discuss two key topics:

  1. Protecting the Arctic from Climate Change: Is there still hope?
  2. From the North Pole to the Equator: What does Climate Change in the Arctic mean for people around the world?

SOI’s Caitlyn Baikie participated in the second panel discussion focused on the impact of climate change on northern communities and how Students on Ice raises awareness of the Arctic and the challenges faced by communities in the North. Other panelists and their presentations included:

Aleksi Härkönen, Ambassador and Senior Arctic Official of Finland
“Bringing the Arctic Closer to People: Why Arctic Education is a Priority for Finland as Chair of the Arctic Council”

Hema Nadarajah, PhD student, Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia, Canada
“The Arctic-Tropic Geopolitical Bridge”

Angela Png, Director (International) Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
“The Implications of Climate Change in the Arctic for Singapore’s Marine Sector”

Moderator: Bob Paquin, Head, Canadian International Arctic Centre


Caitlyn attends the Arctic photo gallery opening at the National Museum of Singapore, featuring photos from a Students on Ice expedition to the Torngat Mountains National Park


Caitlyn Baikie presenting at the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore to more than 100 college students about climate change, Inuit communities and SOI’s role educating youth about the Arctic!


Caitlyn with students from the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore.


Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, Sophia University hosted a roundtable discussion on the realities of living with climate change and what we can do to make a change.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Anne McDonald, Professor. Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies at Sophia University. Participants included:

  • Ms. Caitlyn Baikie, Arctic Youth & Partnerships Program Manager, Students on Ice
  • Dr. John England, Professor Emeritus, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta
  • Ms. Christine Callahan, Second Secretary (Public Affairs), Embassy of Canada
  • Misako TERAUCHI, Assistant Public Affairs Officer (Academic Relations/Advocacy), Embassy of Canada


Arctic symposium speakers (L-R) Ambassador Ide, Dr. John England, Nadia Burger, Caitlyn Baikie, Alison LeClaire


SOI’s Caitlyn Baikie, Dr. John England, and Dr. Catherine La Farge at Tokyo’s Sophia University discussing climate change and the Canadian Arctic with students


Japan’s National Institute of Polar Research welcomes Canada’s Senior Arctic Official Alison LeClaire, Students on Ice’s Caitlyn Baikie and UAlbertaScience’s Dr. John England



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