SOI T-Shirt Day – Recap and Virtual Map

Wow.  With 50+ submissions from 7 countries, our first SOI t-shirt day was a wild success! From Cambridge Bay Nunavut, down to Patagonia and across to New Zealand, your SOI Alumni truly represent an incredible collection of polar students, educators and explorers that span the entire globe. Thank you everyone who took the time to send in a picture of their iconic blue expedition t-shirt. Whether it’s buried at the back of your closet or you’re wearing it right now, all of our SOI t-shirts are a simple reminder of the memories that we share as a big SOI family. To really put things into perspective, we created a virtual story map showing exactly where around the globe everyone was on February 10th. You can check it out above, or at this link.



We had such a great time going through everyone’s submissions and we hope you did too. More than anything, it really shows how diverse and supportive the SOI alumni network is. Stay tuned for more chances to share your SOI story, swag, or community. We look forward to it.

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