SOI Staff: “…open & passionate about sharing their knowledge…”

Former SOI expedition photographer Trevor Lush was recently interviewed by Stock Photographer
John M. Lund.

See an excerpt from the interview here:

Interview with Photographer Trevor Lush

by John M. Lund

John: Can you tell us about a memorable shoot that you have had?

Trevor: Hard to narrow it down… but I will say that I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of some Arctic Expeditions with a group called Students on Ice. An amazing organization that brings students from all over the world to the Polar regions to provide them with an intimate educational experience at the ends of the earth.

Documenting the expeditions has been a unique challenge for me, as I’ve never really considered myself a documentary photographer. I’m so used to being in control of the situation when I’m on set, and making great images as they unfold all around you is an excellent way to reexamine your skills as a photographer.

Besides the experience of working in such close proximity to Polar Bears, Walrus, Bird Colonies, Whales, Glaciers, and Icebergs – it’s the people you get to share this experience with. The team of scientists, historians, artists, authors, educators, polar experts, and the Inuit community, are incredibly open and passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with everyone around them.

These are excellent virtues that I think we should all adopt into our daily lives.

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