SOI Launches Arctic Youth Expedition 2009 Website

Between July 29th and August 13th parents, students, educators and polar enthusiasts can visit the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2009 website to share all of our expedition moments. We will be posting photos, journal entries and expedition updates on a daily basis! Please note, that occasionally, due to our ship’s position, it may be impossible to send images. Our webmaster back at SOI Head Office will report any expedition developments on the site. But please remember we are in one of the most remote places in the world and flexibility is the key!

The Arctic is an amazing window to our world, and a cornerstone of our global ecosystem. We hope our student expeditioners will return home as ambassadors and leaders for the planet, with new perspective, levels of inspiration and motivation for the future.

Please enjoy your journey with us!

For those interested in joining us on an upcoming Students on Ice Arctic or Antarctic expedition, please visit our main website or contact our office.

In the expedition spirit,

Geoff Green
Executive Director and Expedition Leader,
Students on Ice


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