Q&A with SOI’s Emma Tranter


The Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation recently welcomed Emma Tranter as the new Communications & Media Relations Assistant! Emma joins us from Thunder Bay, Ontario and is a recent graduate of Carleton University’s Journalism program. Her creativity and savvy video production skills have already led to fun and engaging content as we showcase our upcoming 2017 Arctic Expedition and we are thrilled to have her onboard!

Q: What was it like growing up in Thunder Bay? 

Thunder Bay is a funny little city near the Minnesota border in Northwestern Ontario. Growing up in Thunder Bay gave me a deep appreciation for nature and I feel very lucky to have spent my childhood on Lake Superior’s rocky shores and icy waters. Some of my favourite memories are kayaking on the lake and hiking in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park – if you don’t already know about the Sleeping Giant, look it up! I don’t think I fully appreciated Thunder Bay’s beauty until I moved away for school four years ago, and now I always look forward to going home. TBay is such a hidden Ontario gem, and I highly recommend making the two-day drive up there – you will not regret it!

Q: Can you describe and experience that has impacted you or changed your perspectives in some way?

I think the experience that had the biggest impact on me was a volunteer trip to Kenya in the summer before my final year of high school. I had never travelled that far in my life, and it made me realize how little I knew about the world we live in. Not only did it spark my interest in human rights in the global south, but it also made me question the idea of “voluntourism.” That trip was one of the main reasons I wanted to study journalism and the importance of press freedom. I hoped it would help me understand not only how to tell stories, but also how to help others share their stories in a way that would connect people from across the world or across the street.

Q: What is your role at SOI and what interested you in joining us?

I am so thrilled to be working here because it combines so many of my interests and skill sets. I initially wanted to join SOI because I recently graduated from Carleton with a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a lot of what I learned there transfers over to what I do at SOI every day. Every day is different at SOI, which for a person who doesn’t like routine, is absolutely perfect!

Q:  What is your favourite outdoor activity and why?

My favourite outdoor activity is rock climbing! Climbing definitely brings out my inner child (who doesn’t want to climb things?!) and is such a thrill every single time I go out. I love it because it uses every part of my body – it challenges me physically and mentally. It’s also a really social activity and involves a lot of trust and patience toward your fellow climbers.

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

When I was a baby, I always had my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Not too sure why… (examples below)



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