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To share a trail is to share a story.

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Trails in Tandem

The Vision

*UPDATE – the Trails in Tandem team will officially be departing to the Northwest Territories on July 19th. You can follow their journey at or on their website at

Trails in Tandem is an outdoor education organization with an in-house production team. We are creators, storytellers and community members with a firm belief that in order to share an understanding – we must share an experience.

We work in partnership with like-minded organizations to design opportunities for young people to work and play collaboratively nature. Using the latest multimedia technology, we document the process, craft an outreach strategy and share the story with the world.

On the trail, the natural world provides us with extraordinary opportunities for reflection and connection. We work to document the true colours of these shared human experiences, and their ability to connect, inform and empower all of us to walk more of life’s trails, in tandem.

The Team

Erinn and Nick are two passionate environmentalists and explorers. Alumni from the 2015 and 2016 SOI expeditions respectively, they were inspired by the cross-cultural connections they made in the Arctic. Erinn is the communications, logistics, and expedition team lead for Trails in Tandem and Nick is leading the film, multimedia, and outreach. Since launching, the team has expanded to include Jordan Lennie, a local Metis program developer based in Tulita. Jordan is helping with community logistics and coordination.

The Background

To help offset the costs of transportation associated with production. Trails in Tandem is looking to fundraise $2000 for the cost of flights northward to Yellowknife, Norman Wells and Tulita.

The Rollout

During this year’s Canol Youth Leadership hike, The Fort Norman Metis Land Corp will work in partnership with Trails in Tandem to create a short documentary film on The Canol Heritage Trail’s history and modern day use. The documentary will be a rich visual celebration of the hikes legacy, while also acting as a cultural and geographic time capsule meant to inspire a new generation of hikers and community members to protect and understand the trail.

Oral knowledge of Sahtu Dene and Métis elders who were involved with or recall work associated with the Canol Project in the 1940’s will be documented on the trail and in their communities. The documentary will also highlight conservation initiatives by local Indigenous people involved in the management and cleanup of the trail in an effort to protect the area for future generations. By showcasing the beauty of the north and the value that the Canol Heritage Trail and Hike adds to the Sahtu region, the film will serve as a powerful tool to promote the eco-tourism opportunities that exist in the Sahtu Region.

The documentary team will work to tell the story of the Canol by capturing the real and honest experiences of the 2017 Canol Youth Leadership Hike participants with a focus on the youth. The project will ultimately allow local communities to preserve tradition, diversify the local economy through tourism, empower young people, and connect Canadians from all backgrounds to nature.

The Impact

The key goals and objectives of the project include:
1. Document and share a youth-driven exploration of what it means to share such a remarkable cultural and ecological landscape using multimedia and subsequent community engagement.
2. Use both traditional and contemporary knowledge to discover the unique potential of this park for sustainable tourism that ensures both its conservation and enjoyment.
3. Provide training for the expedition team that promotes new employment and engagement opportunities, specifically for Indigenous youth that face barriers to access.
4. Develop engaging educational materials that draw from the experiences of the expedition team and communicate the stories of the Sahtu with the rest of Canada.
5. Use the project as a model for future expeditions and opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration in communities across the country.