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Students on Ice - International Polar Year Expedition Series (2007-09)


World pioneer in designing
and leading educational youth
expeditions to Antarctica and
the Arctic

Over 500 youth taken to the
Poles on 12 expeditions since

Winner of the prestigious
Michael J. Smith Award for
Science Promotion in Canada

Special Congressional Recognition
from the US Congress for
outstanding work with Youth

Youth from over 25 countries
have participated on the SOI

Member of the International
Association of Antarctica
Tour Operators

World-class team of scientists,
experts, and leaders including
Dr. Don Walsh
(Top 100 Explorers of the Century),
Jonathan Shackleton
(descendant of Sir Ernest Shackleton),
Bill Lishman (Father Goose), and
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
(recipient of the UN's Champion
of the Earth Award)
The Students on Ice - International Polar Year Youth Expeditions series has been endorsed by the IPY Joint Committee as a prominent and valued component of the IPY program. These special IPY-themed voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to over 500 youth to explore the Polar regions!

These unique educational expeditions designed for international high school and university youth. Participants will travel together with teams of polar scientists, experts and educators. The ice-strengthened ship-based expeditions will be unparalleled platforms for Polar and Environmental Education and outreach for the International Polar Year.

The goals of the SOI - IPY expeditions are to:
  • provide inspiring, life-changing experiences
  • inspire the next generation of Polar researchers and scientists
  • raise awareness about global environmental issues
  • develop Polar curriculum and resources
  • generate media attention
  • reach thousands of youth around the world
  • serve as a tremendous IPY legacy project!
Experience the power of nature

About the Expeditions

Each expedition will have approximately 80 participating youth, and 35 polar scientists, experts, and educators. Participating youth will be between the ages of 14-19 yrs. old, and there are also a number of positions available on each expedition for University students. The goal is to have youth participating from countries all around the world.

Students will participate in a world-class, multi-disciplinary education and research program prior to and during each expedition. The education program will weave together elements of experiential, expeditionary, and problem-based learning, and will focus on critical dialogue and leadership development skills that engage youth with the challenges and opportunities of this century. Lectures, workshops, and hands-on research activities will focus on subjects such as marine biology, glaciology, geology, earth sciences, environmental issues, deep ecology, politics, polar history, culture, flora and fauna, oceanography, sustainable development, traditional knowledge, art, applied technology, and much more. Some of the scientific/education team will conduct hands-on science activities with the students as part of their ongoing research projects. In some cases, these will be IPY related science activities.

Youth forums, student-led action groups, and inter-generational mentoring are examples of other learning formats that will be incorporated.

The educational benefits of SOI-IPY will be shared with thousands of youth and the general public around the world via live video-conferencing, the SOI-IPY website, presentations, media attention and conferences. Partnerships with schools and other educational organizations will bring the SOI-IPY directly to classrooms around the world.

Students touching ice!

How to Participate and Costs:

Students and teacher-chaperones may apply directly to join one of the expeditions by completing an application form.

Application Forms

There are also many partnerships, international initiatives, and contests that will help to identify and select students to participate. Contact the SOI office for more details.

Many students are successful at fundraising a portion or all of the funds required to participate. The SOI office has a
fundraising tool-kit to assist youth with ideas. There are also some scholarships available. Charitable foundations in
both the United States and Canada can provide tax-receipts for sponsors of youth participants.

What is the IPY?

  • 2009 Arctic Expedition
    All-Inclusive cost per student participant - $8,500 CAD +GST from Ottawa
    All-inclusive cost per teacher-chaperone - $8,500 CAD +GST from Ottawa
  • 2009 Antarctic Expedition
    All-Inclusive cost per student participant - $12,500 CAD from Toronto $9,500 USD from Buenos Aires
    All-inclusive cost per teacher-chaperone - $12,500 CAD from Toronto $9,500 USD from Buenos Aires

*Students on Ice reserves the right to charge participants a Fuel Surcharge if fuel prices increase based on the Rotterdam Spot Price.

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