Inspiring Young Pioneers in Ocean Conservation

SOI is excited to announce that Students on Ice 2008 Arctic alumna Leah Pengelly is featured in the current issue of the Journal of Ocean Technology.

Leah Pengelly on glacier

For the past several years, Leah has focused her studies and work experience on better understanding the ocean environment and promoting a healthy and sustainable future through research and educational grassroots initiatives. SOI’s Communications & Media Relations Manager Ashley Brasfield captures the impact the SOI journey had on introducing Leah to the world of oceanography at a young age, and how her SOI experiences continue to inspire her career path as she comes full circle from student to teacher.

“This experience has been so inspiring and reignites the fire in me that started me down this path,” said Pengelly. “I really fell in love with the ocean and knew that is what I wanted to do in my career when I was on the SOI expedition. I was the sponge, soaking up all their knowledge and to come full circle and be able to ignite that passion in these kids has been a true pleasure.”

Journal of Ocean Technology:
Youth and the Oceans
Volume 9 Number 3 (Oct – Jan, 2014)

Cover of JOT     SOI article_Journal of Ocean Technology (COVER)







Leah Pengelly and students (small)

SOI Arctic 2008 alumna Leah Pengelly with youth in Raja Ampat

Leah with students (small)

Leah Pengelly teaches youth in Raja Ampat about their ocean environment

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