Important Travel Info

Passports & Identification

All passengers on the expedition must be in possession of a valid passport with the validity extending a minimum of six months beyond the duration of the expedition (ie: your passport cannot expire before February 10, 2018). If your passport expires before this date, you must get it renewed. You will be asked to send a legible photocopy of your passport information to the SOI Office as part of your Passenger Registration Forms.

Mandatory Travel Medical Insurance

It is mandatory for all Students on Ice expedition participants (all students, including scholarship recipients, chaperones, and educators) to have personal travel medical Insurance for the duration of the expedition (policy must cover August 8th to August 23, 2017 plus any additional travel days outside this period). This is not included in your expedition fee. Proof of insurance will need to be submitted as part of your Passenger Registration Forms.

The minimum coverage required is $100,000 USD for medical emergencies and $50,000 USD for emergency medical evacuation, which must include “air ambulance.” Some policies may have these amounts as part of the overall limitation for emergency medical care. In those situations, minimum coverage for emergency medical care should be $150K USD, and must include a provision for emergency air ambulance evacuation. General travel insurance (covering lost luggage, etc.) is also highly recommended.

This kind of travel and medical insurance may already be a part of your existing coverage (eg: via your current health or travel insurance policy, home insurance, auto insurance, or a policy provided by your credit card). Please confirm that it extends to out-of-country travel.

If you need to purchase insurance, Students on Ice will provide all registered passengers with the option to purchase a plan through one of our partners and adventure travel specialists upon completing the Passenger Registration Forms.

Travel Documents & Visas

It is your responsibility to obtain and carry with you all pertinent travel documentation. Some international students and staff will require a Visa to travel to Canada. Other international students may require Travel Authorization to transit through various countries. Please contact your nearest embassy or consulate to confirm whether you must obtain a Visa for this expedition.

Arriving to & Departing From Ottawa, ON

STAFF: Please arrive in Ottawa on August 7, 2017
STUDENTS: Please arrive to meet the SOI group in Ottawa on August 8, 2017 and schedule your arrival for 12pm, if possible.
It is recommended that you arrive in the morning in order to allow yourself time to settle in before the program starts. Activities will be planned starting at lunchtime, with a formal launch of the expedition.

Arriving by air (Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, YOW): After your flight lands, proceed to baggage claim. Collect your baggage, and an SOI staff member will meet you once you enter the public meeting area. You will be escorted to our accommodations while in Ottawa.

Arriving by train or bus: An SOI staff member will meet you once you enter the public meeting area. You will be escorted to our accommodations while in Ottawa.

Arriving by car: Meet the SOI group at our Ottawa accommodations (details to be confirmed). SOI Staff will be on site to greet you.

Departures from Ottawa will take place on August 23, 2017, no earlier than 3pm, if possible.
It is recommended that you depart in the early evening as the final event of the expedition program runs until 12pm at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Departing by air (Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, YOW): An SOI staff member will accompany you to the airport and while you check in for your flight to home.

Departing by train or bus: An SOI staff member will accompany you to the station and while you check in for your travel home.

Departing by car: For those being picked up by car, please inform family members that they are invited to the culminating event at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa on the morning of August 23, 2016. They can meet you at the event and you can depart together afterwards. If you are being picked up by car after 12pm, family should plan to meet you at our Ottawa accomodations (details to be confirmed). Please park and come inside to speak to one of our staff members before you leave!

Currency & Spending Money

Your expedition fee covers all costs of travel, accommodations, meals, programming, and general expedition expenses, during the expedition period from August 8 to August 23, 2017. You may want to bring some extra money along for souvenirs from the Arctic communities that we visit. The Canadian dollar and the Danish Kroner are the best currencies for this expedition. Cash or VISA/Mastercard is most convenient for purchases. While not necessary, we recommend bringing $100 CAD and 570 DKK and/or a credit card (or pre-paid credit card) to use for souvenir purchases. If you cannot obtain Kroner (DKK), some communities may also accept USD.

Emergency Contact Information

Specific cell phone numbers of SOI expedition staff will be provided to all participants for use during travel days. Parents/guardians, please note that the SOI office will be staffed 24 hours a day during the expedition. If, due to an emergency, you need to get in touch with a participant, please call the office at the phone numbers provided on page 2.

How to Participate

SOI Expeditions are open to high school and university applicants from around the world. Scholarships are available. Learn more and apply!

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A global team of scientists, elders, artists, musicians, historians, and industry leaders who help to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Polar Regions through cross-disciplinary learning.

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Apply for scholarships

The SOI Foundation provides scholarships for each Arctic and Antarctic Expedition. Check out whether there is a scholarship for you!

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