Engaging Youth on Water Issues: Yukon River


Do you want to
understand the connection between climate change, Yukon’s water supply, and its people?

Do you want to
explore that Yukon River and surrounding landscapes?

Do you want to
learn about the past and future, while examining the present state of Southern Yukon’s water?

The Future of Water Workshop Series 2009
Engaging Youth on Water Issues
Yukon River in Transition: Water & Climate Change in Southern Yukon

Residential Workshop: August 21st – 23rd, 2009

Purpose of the Program
The Arctic and sub-Arctic will likely experience greater climate warming in the future than other parts
of the world. Over the past several decades, temperatures in these areas have increased at twice the rate of the rest of the planet. Manifestations of this warming in Yukon include retreat of many glaciers and
variable flow rates of many river systems. What do these changes mean to the people of the Yukon,
their energy infrastructure, and their way of life?

The Yukon River has been an integral element to the changing Yukon landscape and its people. From
traditional Aboriginal connections to the land; to the fervour of the Klondike Gold Rush; to the
establishment of a hydro-electric generating facility to supply the Territory’s electricity needs, the
Yukon River has always played a central role. This workshop will focus on climate change and its
effects on the Yukon River and surrounding watersheds which contribute to this river’s flow.

Hosted by Waterlution Associates Amber Church & Tyler Kuhn (Students on Ice Alumni & field-staff), with invited guests: Ian Church, Remy Rodden, Charlie Roots, Al von Finster, John Streicker & Bob Van Djiken.

Waterlution is a water learning organization that brings together young leaders – interested or working on water-related topics – for peer-to-peer and inter-generational learning programs. Workshops and activities often take place over a weekend, or are customized to work with partners and groups at selected events. Waterlution often focuses our programs on geographical areas engaging local stakeholders.

In 2008, workshops took place in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

In 2009, these same regions will be targeted as well as expanding our presence in the Maritimes and Manitoba.

For more information, visit www.waterlution.org

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