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SOUTH POLE QUEST: They’re on their way!

By on 2008/11/17

In December 2008, three world-class adventurers, including ultra-runner Ray Zahab, legendary arctic explorer Richard Weber, and elite adventurer Kevin Vallely will trek 1094 kilometers (680 miles), self-supported, to the South Pole in a goal of under 40 days. Dragging sleds weighing over 73 kilograms (160 pounds) each, the team hopes to achieve what most are saying is impossible!

The entire expedition will unfold live on; students, parents and teachers from all over the world will have access to the free educational resource available in daily module form on the education page.

The runners will collect data for the ongoing research projects that will provide material for the researchers, as well as the Impossible2Possible (i2P) team – and will be utilized in the educational modules.

The team will use solar technology and the latest communications technology to blog to and others on the internet, as well as send dispatches to various resources including Outside Online. Photos and podcasts will be delivered and uploaded during the expedition, and video will appear both before and after.

Impossible2Possible has a goal with this expedition of inspiring a generation of youth to realize that they have the ability to achieve and exceed any perceived limits they think they may have – and that they hold the keys to contributing in making the world a better place – for themselves, and their peers.

With the help and a unique partnership with Students On Ice, two i2P youth ambassadors will have the adventure and educational experience of a lifetime. These two student ambassadors will travel to Antarctica aboard the Students On Ice ship and take part in activities that will be both exciting and life changing for these leaders of today and tomorrow.

i2P youth ambassadors will be sending video footage of their journey and this will be hosted in the multimedia section on Look for these videos to start very soon.

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  1. Kevin Vallely, Ray Zahab and Richard Weber

    Hey all,
    We’re very enthusiastic about the participation of Students on Ice in the i2P South Pole Quest expedition!! We’re in Punta Arenas, Chile now and we’ll be heading off to Antarctica in the next few days. We hope you all have a chance to follow along!! We’re looking forward to speaking with the two i2P youth ambassadors when we’re out on the ice. It’s all beginning soon!!

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