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Alanna Mitchell’s SOI Documentary Airs on CBC

By on 2011/03/03

Students on Ice field staff member Alanna Mitchell‘s documentary Melting Ice recently aired on CBC Radio One. The documentary for radio was produced during the SOI Antarctic Youth Expedition 2010 (December 27, 2010-January 10, 2011). Congratulations Alanna!

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Melting Ice (Doc)

From CBC Radio One

It has been said that Antarctica is two inches of good powder and three miles of great base. But that’s not quite what Alanna Mitchell found when she was there last month. We aired her documentary, Melting Ice.

Alanna Mitchell is an environmental journalist and author. She visited Antarctica as a faculty member with Students on Ice. It’s a group that was created to get kids from all over the world to the planet’s poles. Part of the reason for the journey was to see what effects a changing climate is having on that “powder and base.” We asked Alanna to take a recorder with her on the trip. Here is her documentary, Melting Ice.

In this item we also featured Remy Rodden, a singer-songwriter from the Yukon.

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