Arctic Expedition 2013

Follow the journey : July 23 - August 7

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Expedition Well Wishes...

"Congratulations on being selected to participate in this year's Students on Ice Arctic Expedition. The Canadian Museum of Nature is a proud partner of the 2013 Arctic Expedition and I am thrilled to be joining you on this incredible adventure this year. 

"You are truly fortunate for so many reasons. You will each share this journey with fellow students, teachers, artists, explorers, scientists and guides from 8 countries, you will develop an understanding of the unique and precious ecosystem that exists in the north, you will discover solutions to some of the challenges facing the north and most importantly you will decide how YOU can connect with the natural world and make a difference. We will also have a wonderful time!"

Meg Beckel
President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature



 Recap Video

The Canadian Arctic

Of Ice and Man: The Ilulissat Icefjord


A Day in Uummannaq

Visiting Itilleq Town and Fjord

Arriving in Greenland

 Discovering Ottawa

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