Arctic Expedition 2013

Follow the journey : July 23 - August 7

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Daily Journey Updates

Expedition Update



Nick at the Welcome Home event.

Edmond hugs a new friend.

Aimee and Lucie say goodbye.

Gathering for the final presentation!

The Team enjoying the presentations at the Welcome Home event.

Expedition Leader Geoff and Canadian Museum of Nature CEO Meg Beckel.

Students enjoy the presentation.

Geoff Green welcomes the Expedition home.

Joy enjoys the presentation.

Paleobiologist Kieran Shephard demonstrates the best way to get used to life on land again!

Maruis shares his thoughts about the SOI experience.

Micah congratulates his new friend!

Gerrit shares his SOI story.

Raphaƫlle shares her experience.

Natalie shares her experience with the crowd.

Mary Simon has words of wisdom for the crowd!

The team cheers!

Saying goodbye is tough!

Roslyn Bern and Aimee say goodbye.

Lexie and Caitlin share a hug.

Group hug.

Bryan and Tiffany

Genevieve says goodbye.

Meeting friends and family at home!

Maya hugs a new friend.

Elianny and Tegan take a moment to hug.

Aimee wishes a friend well.

Fefe and Trevor Taylor from Oceans North!

Mikaela and Norman.

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