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Expedition Well Wishes...

"I would like to wish everyone a safe trip. You the students re our future, we need to heal our earth, it is in pain. Weather is not what it is used to be, we have to adapt to a changing environment, you can help us in getting the message out to the rest of the world, about our earth being in pain, we have to change our habits, how we treat our home, in hopes of starting to heal our home the earth." 

Pita Aatami, President,

Makivik Corporation 

About the Itinerary:
Every day on land and aboard our ice-strengthened expedition vessel will be different. Our approach to expedition learning weaves together exciting shore landings, interpretive hikes, community visits, Zodiac cruises, and exploration.

As always, weather, ice or other conditions may necessitate changes to this expedition itinerary.
Flexibility is the key!

July 23

Toronto, Canada: Our team of students, chaperones, educators and other expedition staff will assemble in Toronto for pre-expedition activities. Other team members joining the expedition from outside of North America will meet the group tomorrow in Reykjavik, Iceland.

July 24

Reykjavik, Iceland:  After our arrival, we will visit the famed Blue Lagoon – a geothermal wonder – where students and educators will relax in geothermal seawater! Later in the day, after checking into our rooms at the University of Iceland, participants spend the remainder of the day exploring Reykjavik, including a special visit to Alþingi – Iceland’s Parliament House.

July 25

Reykjavik, Iceland:  The team will depart on an all-day excursion to tour the amazing geothermal Hellisheidi Power Plant, and later, a long hike in beautiful Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir is probably the most historic site in Iceland, located in a rift valley between the American and European geological plates. The area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. 

July 26

Saudarkrokur, Iceland:  This morning the team heads north. An all-day drive will take them from one side of Iceland to the other. En route to Saudarkrokur, the team will visit the beautiful fishing village of Hvammstangi to visit the Icelandic Seal Centre. In the afternoon, the team will check into their Saudarkrokur accommodations, and later hike along the shores of the rugged Skaga Fjord.

July 27

Akureyri & Husavik, Iceland: This morning the team will meet with scientists and researchers at the famed Steffanson Arctic Institute in Akureyri. After lunch, they will visit Husavik. Located on the eastern shore of the Skjalfandi Bay, Husavik is a popular destination for those interested in whales. After visiting the Husavik Whale Centre, the team will board their expedition ship – the Clipper Adventurer – and at 7pm will set sail into the Greenland Sea!


July 28
Isafjordur, Iceland: Our first landing will provide an excellent opportunity for our participants to explore Iceland’s diverse and rugged Westfjords region – an area of the country known for its spectacular narrow fjords and steep mountains. The spectacular landscape is perfect for hiking. Tonight, we bid farewell to Iceland and begin our journey to Greenland.
July 29

Expedition Day – Denmark Strait: We will spend the day at sea sailing across the Denmark Strait. Our shipboard presentation and seminar series kicks off. Much of the day though will be spent out on deck in search of whales and seabirds. These waters are a haven for humpback whales, minke whales, orcas and dozens of seabird species. Late tonight – we should sight Greenland!

July 30

Southeast Fjords, Greenland: Welcome to Greenland’s magnificent eastern coastline! Today we will board our Zodiacs, lace up our hiking boots, and begin exploring some of the most spectacular fjords and towering mountains in the world. We may encounter a good deal of ice here, which means that we may spot our first narwhals, walrus and polar bear!

July 31

Prins Christian Sund & Herjorlfnes, Greenland: Another full day of Zodiac landings, cruises and educational activities. This afternoon we plan to explore Herjorlfnes – the ancient Norse settlement founded by Erik the Red c. 985.

Aug. 1

Tasermuit Fjord & Nanortalik, Greenland: Today, we will spend the visiting and exploring this spectacular southern Greenlandic fjord. We will also visit Greenland’s southernmost town, Nanortalik – which means “the place of polar bears” in Kalaallisut.

Aug. 2
Expedition Day – Davis Strait: Today we bid farewell to Greenland and begin the journey across the Davis Strait to Labrador, Canada. Our team will be keeping a vigilant watch for wildlife, attending presentations and group workshops.
Aug. 3

Labrador, Canada
& Kangidluasuk Base Camp:
Welcome to
the kANGIDLUSUk Base Camp – a collaboration between Parks Canada and the Nunatsiavut Government and located on Inuit land at the southern boundary of the Torngat Mountains National Park. The Base Camp acts as an educational centre for Inuit youth, a research station for scientists - and for our students, it will be an opportunity to connect to the Torngat Mountains through an Inuit cultural lens.

Aug. 4

Saglek Fjord, Torngat Mountains National Park, Labrador: This morning we will begin the first day of adventure in one of Canada’s most spectacular national parks. With its glaciers, soaring mountains, and one of the most diverse selections of Arctic mammals, this will be a week of breathtaking grandeur. Lace up your hiking boots for spectacular all-day treks.

 Aug. 5
Eclipse Harbour & Ramah, Labrador:
Today we visit beautfiul Eclipse Harbour and an amazing historic site. Ramah was a small mission run by the Moravian Church from 1871 to 1908. The lands surrounding the remains of the mission are beautiful and we will do a great deal of exploring and hiking today.
Aug. 6
Killiniq Island & Cape Chidley, Labrador: As the expedition winds down, we will stop at Killiniq Island and Cape Chidley where there will be beaches to cruise, wildlife to spot and some fantastic hills and tundra to hike. The northern reaches of Labrador have spectacularly beautiful fields of wildflowers and thick beds of soft lichen to explore. Polar bears abound.
Aug. 7

Kuujjuaq, Nunavik (Québec): A final celebration before we board our First Air charter flight for Ottawa. Many of our students will be departing via Kuujjuaq and flying home from here.

Aug. 8
Ottawa, Ontario:  Welcome to Canada’s Capital! Prior to bidding fond farewells and embarking on their respective journeys home, our team will be the guests of honour at the Canadian Museum of Nature for a celebratory event!

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