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International Polar Year

August 17, 2008

Photo by Lee Narraway

The Nunavut Flag:

The colours, blue and gold, symbolize the rices for the land, sea and sky. The red refers to Canda, and the inuksuk symbolizes the stone monuments which guide the people on the land and mark the sacred and other special places. The star is the Niqirtsuituq, the North Star, and the traditional guide for navigation and more broadly, forever remains unchanged as the leadership of the elders in the community.

Morning update!

Good morning!

After bidding farewell to some of our northern students and educators in Iqaluit yesterda - the team checked in at the Iqaluit Airport and boarded our First Air charter for Ottawa. After a raucous flight (meaning that we had the plane to ourselves, and the students - when they weren't enjoying their Arctic Char lunches - were changing seats, laughing and singing all the way to Ottawa). The team landed safely in Ottawa last night at 6:30 pm and were greeted by friends and supporters at the airport.

After checking in at Carleton - it was off to the restaurant for last hearty dinner and briefing by Geoff. Afterwards, the students had some free time before curfew and spent the warm Ottawa evening, sitting out on the grass talking, playing frisbee, football, taking pictures and packing. It was a great evening!

Early, early this morning, students began departing for their home communities. Driven to the airport and checked in to their flights by SOI staff - we currently have many dozens of students in the air or on the rails or on buses heading back to their communities. Many others were picked up by parents at Carleton.

Those students with later flights, are joining Geoff and our educators down at the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) for a special Welcome Home Event. Sponsored by the CMN, this is our opportunity to officially thank our sponsors and friends - without whom, this project would not be possible.

Joanne DiCosimo, the President of the CMN will say a few words, as will Kathleen Fischer, the Executive Director the Canadian International Polar Year program. Geoff will also speak to thank our sponsors and then we'll show a special 10 minute video - a highlight reel of the expedition, if you will.

But most importantly, our students will have the opportunity to come up to the podium and share some of their impressions, speical memories and highlights of their expedition, too. We will post photos of the event tomorrow.

After the event - it will be back to Carleton for our students. And naturally, all morning and this afternoon, students are on their way to the airport or train station.

We will photos of yesterday's activities in Iqaluit later today, and you must check out our seventh expedition video - up on the video page now.

Also check out our post-expedition page in the coming days for stray journal entries, photos and of course, some more videos!

Stay Tuned for Further Updates!


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