EO Wilson“The polar regions have risen to the top of environmental concerns. Endowed especially in the high Arctic, with unique and newly endangered life forms; holding a large fraction of Earth’s fresh water; and subject to exceptionally rapid climate change, these remote parts of the world have a great importance for the generations immediately ahead. I’m glad that the Students on Ice program is leading in the kind of environmental education most needed.”
Edward O. Wilson, PhD
Environmentalist & Pulitzer Prize winner
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Rebecca Hansen“The Antarctic Expedition has been an incredible experience. I have learned from fascinating people, developed a connection with Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and met people my own age who share a dream of a more sustainable future.”
Rebecca Hansen
SOI Student Alumnus
Sheila-Watt-Cloutier“With programs like SOI, we have a chance at helping the world understand that the Arctic is indeed an early warning beacon and health barometer for the planet. As students andadults witness for themselves the dramatic changes during an SOI trip, they get a better appreciation of what it is we are all working hard to protect. We are counting on you to keep up the great work SOI!”
Sheila Watt-Cloutier, PhD (Hon.)
Nobel Prize Nominee
“I cannot thank you enough for showing me the most spectacular place on earth at such a pivotal point in my life.”
Sonya Bell
SOI Student Alumna
Don Walsh“Students on Ice is an outstanding educational program. Just one of their shipboard expeditions to the Polar Regions equals two or three academic courses in a traditional university setting. The Arctic and Antarctic are where major changes in our global environment are first being seen.  I am proud and honored to participate in this unique shipboard program.”
Captain Don Walsh, PhD
Honorary Life Member of the Explorers Club
Presidential & NASA Advisor