Participant Resources

Your Checklist: Take action!

Have you:
  • Paid your expedition fees in full?
  • Submitted a 150-word bio and a photo of yourself (headshot preferred)?
  • Submitted a copy of your passport (and any applicable visas)?
  • Booked your travel to and from your gateway city and sent in a copy of your itinerary?
  • Purchased your personal travel medical insurance (that meet all our requirements)?
  • Filled out the Passenger Registration Forms (along with your parent/guardian if you are under 18)?
  • Signed your medical waiver?
  • Paid for your Argentinian reciprocity fee and sent in a copy of your receipt?
If you have checked YES! to all of the above, then you are ready for expedition!
If you need more details on the above items, please SIGN IN with your participant login info!

About our Journey: These are the basics!

Media & Fundraising: Engage your community!


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