December 25, 2014

Updates from Toronto and Miami (Buenos Aires bound!) 

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After months of waiting the day is finally here! The SOI Antarctic 2014 expedition has officially kicked off, and our phenomenal team is slowly growing and coming together, with one group congregating in Toronto (bound for Buenos Aires tonight), and another group amassing in Miami, with plans to meet up with the Toronto group in Buenos Aires tomorrow.
Our team consists of 66 students and 23 staff from 14 different countries! Over the next few days, we will be providing expedition updates here in the ‘Follow the Expedition’ section of our website. We’ll be posting student and staff journal entries along with photos and updates.
Stay tuned!
In the expedition spirit,
The SOI Team

Photos from the Miami group!

Looks like there’s one at least one more present today for our expeditioners! Some beautiful Canada Goose vests.
Dinner in Miami with our ever-growing group! 

Photos from the Toronto group! 

Geoff, Zareen, and the ice corer.
Students Alissa, Jasveen, and Tiffany.
Students checking in!  
Students Sadie, Tiffany and Emily.
Media and comms manager Ashley Brasfield kicks off the meet and greet at the Toronto airport!
Student, Alissa
Students Sean and Sadie in the Toronto airport 
And they’re on the plane! Getting ready to fly to Buenos Aires.