Jasveen Brar

2014 Antarctic, 2016 Arctic

Jasveen Brar

Jasveen Brar is an alum of the 2014 Antarctic and 2016 Arctic expeditions and is from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Jasveen graduated from Dalhousie University where she spent time exploring her two main passions, science and environmentalism, and graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology and Sustainability. During her year off between undergrad and law school in Sydney, Australia, she worked on community projects and events relating to the Poles and ocean health and rediscovering her love for reading and painting. During her term with the Alumni Council, Jasveen will be working collaboratively with her team on mentorship related projects for current and future SOI alumni.

Get in touch about: STEM, youth mentorship, planning conferences, Ocean Literacy.
Reach Jasveen at: jasveen@soifalumni.com

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