Ivalu Christensen

2012 Arctic

Ivalu Christensen

Ivalu Barlach Christensen is an alum of the 2012 Arctic Expedition and is currently living in Aalborg, Denmark, while finishing her bachelor degree in physics at Aalborg University. In the fall of 2018 Ivalu will be moving to Lund, Sweden, to study a master in astrophysics. As she was interested in science, the arctic, and living on the sea, she enjoyed her expedition experience greatly. After the expedition, she was convinced to study science and has always been interested in going back to sea and experiencing other cultures. In her free time, she enjoys runs, documentaries and travelling to knew places as much as possible.

As a member of the Alumni Council, Ivalu’s purpose is to gather and strengthen the local alumni chapter in Greenland, as well as other local chapters. Ivalu will also work as a liaison between the Alumni Council and Greenlandic alumni.

Get in touch about: astrophysics, physics, climate change and Greenland.
Reach Ivalu at: ivalu@soifalumni.com

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