Grace King

2015 Arctic

Grace King

Grace is an alum of the 2015 Arctic Expedition and the 2017 Canada C3 Expedition. Grace’s roots are coastal: during her childhood, she never left the wharfs of her first home on a small island in Maine, U.S.A., and later moved to a larger island, Newfoundland, where she spent ten years hugging the rocky cliffs. Grace is now pursuing a double major in English and Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto, as she is interested in the growing field of “environmental humanities,” which explores storytelling as a way of understanding environmental interconnections and problems. On the Alumni Council, Grace will support alumni in processing their own human stories from their SOI experiences. She hopes to elevate alumni ideas so that the scope of their SOI experience can reach beyond the expedition itself and extend to impact their greater communities.

Get in touch about: building your project, sustainable coffee (I run a 99% sustainable student-run café!), LGBTQ2+ rights, environmental justice, and telling stories through journals, photography, or the written word.
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