Eric Gauthier

2016 Arctic

Eric Gauthier

Eric is an Arctic 2016 alumnus, from and still currently residing in Ottawa, Canada. He is looking forward to beginning his post-secondary studies, this fall, at Carleton University; pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies. Being on expedition, opened his eyes and expanded his understanding of the urgent reality, unique nature, and impact of northern mental health issues. Eric has come to believe in the power of the conversation and how impactful different forms of storytelling can be in fighting the stigma around mental illness. Because of his own ongoing mental health journey, Eric is an especially passionate and vocal mental health advocate. In his role on the Alumni Council, Eric will help with the development of an Ottawa alumni chapter and also aims to foster and maintain connections with the broader scope of the SOI Foundation’s driving force and raison d’être—its alumni and the global community they embody.

Get in touch about: mental health, poetry, coffee, hiking & the outdoors, and bird watching.
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