Amber Dwyer

2015 Arctic

Amber Dwyer

Amber is an alum of 2015 Arctic Expedition and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout her SOI experience, she learned about the North, climate change, and the beauty and struggles of Inuit peoples living there. This journey helped her to find a passion for portraying the delicate balance of wonder and the challenging realities of today through various avenues of mass media, including radio, podcasting, photography and documentary filmmaking. Today Amber is going to school to complete her generals and works at an after school program that teaches teenagers about digital media. She is dedicated to using media connections and local advocacy and involvement to help bring an end to anthropologic climate change. As a member of the Alumni Council and a lifelong believer in grassroots activism, Amber looks forward to fostering strong connections and growing the SOI mentorship program so that future alumni have the confidence and support they need to create powerful and effective change within their communities.

Get in touch about: Mass media, mentorship, traveling on a budget, community partnerships and great vegan food recipes.
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