With support from First Air, Students on Ice funded a delegation of eleven to attend IMPAC4 in La Serena, Chile in September 2017. This group included representatives from all four regions of Inuit Nunangat and two SOI staff members. SOI staff and alumni ambassadors engaged in a range of activities, including:

-Sharing info about SOI with conference attendees at an SOI booth while also promoting WWF, Parks Canada and Nature for All.

-Presenting posters on SOI alums and ocean conservation.

-Participating in an MPA Youth Evening, where SOI was profiled as a successful model of engaging youth, especially students, in ocean conservation.

-A Canada C3 Livestream from Darnley Bay MPA with the Keepers of Darnley Bay.

-An alumni-led workshop on engaging youth in marine protected areas.

-An Intergenerational Learning Workshop – Session with young professionals to explore network building and opportunities for learning and leadership

Alumni Participants

-Jessica Winters (2016 Arctic)

-Piari Gentes (2014 Antarctic)

-Jenny Klengenberg (2014 Arctic)

-Dang-Dang Gruben (2012 Arctic)

-Melody Teddy (2014 Arctic)

-Caroline Merner (2017 Arctic)

-Da Chen (2017 Arctic)

-Cassandra Elphinstone (2011 Arctic)

-Alysia Garmulewicz (2002 Antarctic, 2005 Arctic)

September 2017