Nicholas Castel

Alumni Programs Assistant

Nicholas Castel

Nicholas ventured north with Students on Ice as a participant on the Arctic 2016 expedition and member of Parks Canada’s Northern Engagement and Outreach Team. Since graduating from Queen’s with a BSc. in Environmental Geology, he has joined the SOI team in Ottawa as Alumni Programs Assistant.

As a member of Parks Canada’s Northern Engagement and Outreach Team in Toronto, Nicholas fell in love with telling the stories of Canada and it’s natural and cultural worlds. He is particularly interested in finding ways to tell these stories in engaging ways within urban contexts. He hopes to inspire his generation to collaborate with and care about the planet in multidisciplinary ways.

Nicholas is a big cross country skier and loves to play the piano. He is also an avid filmmaker and photographer and is currently directing a documentary film and trekking expedition along the Canol Heritage Trail in the Northwest Territories. You can learn more at

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