Jennifer Williams

Education Manager

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams, a trained teacher, world adventurer and relationship builder, is committed to facilitating a sense of wonder about, and cultivating respect for, our world and its inhabitants. She has been providing cross-cultural experiential education opportunities for youth both on land and at sea for more than 15 years.

For the past four years, Jennifer sailed the globe as Shipboard Director of a floating high-school and university program based on a traditionally rigged Norwegian tall ship. On these voyages, Jennifer served as both a high school teacher and the manager of the complex logistics and details required to safely transport dozens of students and crew from one port to another. In this role Jennifer also further developed her passion for and her capacity to build bridges across cultural, economic, and social boundaries.

She deeply honours different ways of being in the world and brings a focus to the importance of relationships and community-building in all that she does. Jennifer’s trans-disciplinary approach to environmental issues is reflected in her Master’s research, an exploration of best practices for First Nation and non-First Nation collaboration on environmental initiatives.

Jennifer relocated to Ottawa from the west coast in order to work with Students on Ice as she believes there is nothing like the power of a shipboard program to engage people in an exploration and understanding of self, community and our larger world.

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