Grace King

Expedition Intern

Grace King

Although she was born in Ontario, Grace spent the first eight years of her life on a small island off the coast of Maine, U.S.A. When, at age eight, Grace was told that she was moving to Newfoundland, Canada, Grace asked, “What is a Newfoundland?”

Today, after a long-term relationship of over ten years with her beloved rock island on the east coast, Grace proudly calls Newfoundland her home.

In 2015, Grace traveled with the Students On Ice expedition to Greenland and Nunavut, where she scribbled a lot of words during freewriting workshops with JR and listened to politics students as they talked about things like the Kyoto protocol and COP21. Inspired by her expedition, Grace created the “Arctic Awareness Program,” an educational program for grades 4 and 5 that reached over 1,000 students.

Grace is currently trying to answer many of the questions that formed during her SOI expedition through her studies at the University of Toronto. When she isn’t busy sneezing over Plato in dusty libraries and getting distracted by blue whale exhibits at the ROM across the street, she is working towards a double major in Environmental Studies and English, along with a minor in Political Sciences. With the combination of the three fields of study, Grace hopes that she can help to develop the emerging field of environmental humanities. Currently, her personal research focuses on the Arctic in popular imagination and what it means for Canada to self-identify as “The North” in a global arena.

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