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Currie Rowe

Administrative & Office Coordinator

Currie Rowe

Currie joined Students on Ice as an Intern in July 2016. In that role she worked with a couple of mentors and many amazing partners to pull together a really cool launch event for SOI’s signature project, Canada C3.

Currie has a degree in Classical Studies and Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Event Management from Algonquin College. Her non-academic hobbies include playing soccer, building Lego, and costuming (when she has time).
Before coming to SOI, Currie has interned and volunteered for a variety of non-profit organizations focusing on education, child development, and sport.  Some of her fondest memories are from the couple of summers she took to coaching teams of 6 and 7 year olds in soccer.
A fun fact about Currie is that she was born in Colombia.  In her youth, Currie and her family traveled often, living in countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, and Honduras. Currie fancies herself a bit of a hobbit, engaging in many habits and practices that busy most halfling creatures. She loves antiquing, keeps mostly to herself, and enjoys participating in reasonable adventures from time to time.
To get in touch with Currie about your favourite Lego set, or Lord of the Rings themed decor, email currie@studentsonice.com

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