Conor Leggott

Alumni Program & Database Manager

Conor Leggott

Conor joined Students on Ice in December 2014. In his role as Program Assistant he worked all areas of the organization, including media and communications, the alumni program, expedition logistics, and IT development. In the Fall of 2015 he moved into the Alumni Program Manager role. Prior to joining SOI he completed a degree in Sociology-Anthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island. While there he worked throughout the Maritimes with watershed groups, environmental advocacy groups, youth experiential education workshops, and cultural organizations.

Conor enjoys filmmaking and editing. His camera has led him to canoe Prince Edward Island rivers, take care of curious piglets on a heritage pig farm and charcuterie in Sweden, see reindeer races above the Arctic circle in Swedish Sapmi, and participate in pagan rituals in Lithuania. He has also shot videos for kickstarter, sustainability movements, and Thai cooking shows. He can usually be found reading or experimenting with fermenting, drying, curing, smoking, and cooking all kinds of food.

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