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Alex Leroux

Communications Coordinator

Alex Leroux

Alex’s first experience with Students on Ice was as a student on the 2011 Antarctic Youth expedition. This experience opened her eyes to a whole new world of awareness and she knew then that she wanted to make a meaningful impact in one way or another. From then on she helped out in the office during the Arctic 2014 expedition and the Antarctic 2014/2015 expedition as an office assistant. She officially joined the SOI team in October 2018 as the Communications Coordinator on the Media Team. In this position she utilizes her creativity and social media skills to communicate SOI’s message the best she can.

Located at the foot of the Gatineau Park Alex knows the region quite well and if she’s not at the office or playing soccer you can often find her discovering new trails with her black lab by her side. A recent passion that has come to light is her love for photography. She picked up her first DSLR in 2018 and it has barely left her side since. In fact, photography has led her to explore the Ottawa/Gatineau region even more and find places she had no idea even existed. Her photography ranges in style from portraits, landscapes, astrophotography, wildlife, and much more.

To get in touch with Alex and learn more about the photography hotspots in the region email: alex@studentsonice.com

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