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Sean Kudluk

Compassionate Schools Coach Teacher with Canadian Roots Exchange

Sean Kudluk

Hello, my name is Sean Kudluk from Kangirsuk and I work as a compassionate schools coach teacher in my community. I study the human science of bodies behaviours by using restorative circles in schools, building community and enhancing learning by understanding the multiple intelligences of human minds. I am part of the Canadian Roots exchange youth leadership organization that builds bridges between indigenous and non-indigenous  people in Canada. I speak three languages and have experiences in geological science of exploration and mining in the tundra. I love to read, translate and teach about history. I also like to teach about compassion, self-care, forming circles for supporting school mental health to keep knowledge and sharing ideas in the community. I make education important by supporting the teachers and students anywhere in the community to motivate, explore, investigate and take action. 

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