Kieran Shepherd

Curator & Paleobiologist

Kieran Shepherd

Kieran has been employed by the Canadian Museum of Nature for over 25 years, primarily involved with the care and preservation of vertebrate fossils. His current position is as Curator of Palaeobiology caring for the National Fossil Collection.

His research interests are very broad but generally deal with vertebrate fossils, especially Ceratopsian dinosaurs and Tertiary mammals. He collaborated in the discovery and description of new Ceratopsian dinosaurs, Vagaceratops (Chasmosaurus) irvinensis and Xenoceratops foremostensis Field work is one of the activities he finds most rewarding, travelling as far away as China in the search for fossil dinosaurs, although he also enjoys prospecting for Champlain sea fossils in the Ottawa Valley.

He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for and experience in palaeobiology and natural history collections, with colleagues, students and the public.

When not studying fossils, he also enjoys sailing the Ottawa River, and riding his recumbent bike.

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