Kelly Walsh

Media Professional

Kelly Walsh

Kelly Drennan Walsh has been an advertising and marketing professional for over 25 years. He served as director of marketing for a public radio station in Santa Fe, NM, where he also hosted a weekly radio show and was remote event coordinator and program committee advisor.

In 2014, Kelly started an advertising/PR consulting firm that bridges the gap between scientific research and the public/policy makers. The ultimate goal is to partner science and technology with government, media, and academia to foster meaningful dialog and rational policy choices.

His visit to Antarctica in 2012 further solidified his commitment to bring critical scientific and environmental issues to the forefront of our discussions on climate, conservation and political action. 2017 will mark his fifth year on expedition with SOI (Pod Leader, GoPro Team Lead, Zodiac Driver).

He attended St. John’s College (Santa Fe, NM) and is a Certified Master Naturalist (Oregon State University). In his spare time he enjoys rally cars, designing shoes and growing organic vegetables. He lives on the Southern Oregon coast.

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