Ashley Hamilton

Adventure Guide and Teacher

Ashley Hamilton

Ashley is an adventurer and outdoor educator who lives for exploring the natural world and meeting new people. Her passion for the outdoors began as a child swimming in any lake or pond she could find. Her thirst for adventure continued through University where she led social justice programs abroad for young adults to Morocco, India, and Belize. She is a certified teacher with a degree in Health Sciences and has spent the past eight years working with inner-city youth from Toronto teaching and directing at an outdoor experiential school.
Currently she spends her summers on the BC coast, leading sea kayak expeditions through various regions of the Pacific Northwest. In the winters, she works in the snowy wonderlands of Northern Ontario leading educational dog sledding expeditions working alongside her incredible team of Alaskan huskies. She has also spent a few seasons in Antarctica working as an adventure guide and helping out with Citizen Science initiatives.

The time in between she loves growing food in her urban garden in Toronto, paddling all the lakes and rivers around, and cooking delicious meals with friends.

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