Our Mandate

The Students on Ice Foundation educates the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions, supports them in their continued personal and professional growth and inspires and catalyses initiatives, that contribute to global sustainability.

Students on Ice is driven by a passion for the Polar Regions. We believe in the power of connecting youth to nature and fostering within them an appreciation for the planet, themselves and each other. Education is the foundation of the SOI approach and we are dedicated to inspiring and supporting youth and providing them the necessary tools to instil positive change in their communities and around the world.

In our core expedition program, SOI takes youth from around the world on life changing journeys to the Polar Regions. We introduce them to a broad spectrum of dialogue related to these regions ranging from arts and culture, history and politics, science and sustainable development, glaciology and climate change, economy, governance and geopolitics and many other polar topics. We engage them in processes of discovery, fact-finding, analysis, synthesis, reflection and idea development. We connect youth to peers, elders, scientists, experts, artists, musicians, photographers, journalists, business and opinion leaders and many others. Throughout their learning experience we support each participant in developing a strong sense of self and a personal paradigm of ability and opportunity.

Post-expedition we support our alumni in their lifelong journey of growth and global citizenship. We keep them connected with each other, with our large and integrated network of educators, mentors, experts and partners, with opportunities for further education, training and career advancement and with new and ongoing initiatives, programs and projects that contribute to the sustainability of the Polar Regions.

Vibrant, vast and diverse, the Polar Regions are two of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. Culturally, historically and geographically rich and relevant, the Arctic and the Antarctic are the cornerstones of the planet’s natural and socio-ecological systems and two of the greatest classrooms on Earth.

The Polar Regions exert a strong influence on the global climate and are at the same time affected by the forces of climate change. They are breeding and feeding grounds for a significant proportion of the world’s marine life, they are endowed with an abundance of natural resources and the Arctic is a culturally distinct homeland to many different Peoples.

At the same time, the Polar Regions are geographically remote, inhospitable and difficult to reach. Global awareness of their beauty and importance among the general public and decision makers is low, which is what the Students on Ice Foundation works to change.

SOI focuses on connecting people, organizations and funding around ideas, initiatives, programs and projects related to the Polar Regions and supporting youth in their development both personally and professionally.

SOI collaborates with a large number of partners from around the world. SOI is grateful for their generous contributions and in turn SOI supports its partners by meeting their objectives.

Partner with Us

The SOI Foundation collaborates with a broad range of partners in areas such as youth scholarships, project and program development and communications.

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Meet our Partners

Our network of partners is the foundation for our success. We are proud to work with leading organisations in Government, Industry and the non-profit sector.

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Meet our Board

The SOI Foundation is supported by a senior Board of Advisors, comprised of leaders in Polar Science, Industry, Media and Government.

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Students on Ice is proudly supported by bv02.

This website was made possible by a generous contribution from the Leacross Foundation.

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