'A Letter from the Arctic, Greenland & Baffin Island' by Arctic 2012 Expeditioner Isabella Thorsteinsdottir

Isabella Thorsteinsdottir, a student participant on the Arctic 2012 expedition, has published an article in the Nanaimo Voyager magazine called ‘A Letter from the Arctic, Greenland & Baffin Island’.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When we arrived in Iqaluit on July 30, we were asked what we expected to get out of the expedition. Our collected ideas said we would embrace long lasting friendships, see snow and glaciers, create wonderful memories, meet indigenous cultures and enjoy those magical moments that reach deep into our hearts. Naturally, the wildlife of the Arctic excited us as well; the Polar bears, the musk ox, and the numerous whale species.

“We all returned home with more knowledge of the Arctic and deeper connections to ourselves and our travel companions than we could of ever imagined. In the long run it changed the way I thought about climate change, the environment, and how I interact with people around me. For a long time to come, all of us students, will carry all these experiences with us and use what we learned to shape how we all live our lives.”

You can read the full article here: http://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/ArticlesOctober2012.php#letter.

Great work Isabella!

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